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Project Description

This project is a place to share useful XSL templates that can be reused in SharePoint Content Query Web Parts (CQWPs), Data View Web Parts (DVWPs), and other XSL-based Web Parts. The project can benefit greatly from your contributions, so submit your useful XSL templates by posting them to the Discussions or Issue Tracker or contact Marc (sympmarc ) directly.

If you've submitted a template and don't see it in the releases yet, I apologize for any delay. While I want to post any any all useful templates, I also want to validate each one, and that requires time (a precious commodity!). Please be patient, and don't hesitate to ping me if you think I've forgotten about your submission.

See the Documentation tab for the templates which are available, along with usage information.

I'm interested in your thoughts on how this project can be the most helpful to you. Please read my blog post here and respond if you have thoughts.

Originally suggested by Raymond Mitchell, aka @iwkid.

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